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Populous is a side-scrolling action game and the first in the Populous series. It featured a cel-shaded graphical style and was set in the Viking Age, the time period in which the game takes place. Gameplay The game is divided into nine sections. The game begins with the emergence of the Nordic "Viking" tribe, who invade the East. At the game's outset the player is given a choice of which tribe to join, as the two factions conflict for control of the region. Each player can play as one of the Norse tribes and work to rule the land. This ends when the player has acquired enough power to destroy the other side. The game is won when one side is destroyed, and the players are awarded a prize for killing the leader of the opposite side. The game is set in a fantasy version of the Viking Age. When the player first enters the game, a large Viking ship is the central object, with six smaller ships sitting nearby. This ship is the headquarters of the player's village. This ship contains an overall view of the world, and the player can move within it, either in the center of the map or by pressing the cursor keys on the keyboard. The player can also control the direction of the ship, using the arrow keys on the keyboard. The world is divided into a large central map and smaller islands. The island is divided into four parts, each of which the player must conquer. When the island has been completed, the player advances to the next level of the game. There are two types of levels in the game: action and sandbox. In the action levels, the player is given a set task to complete before the leader of the opposing tribe dies. If the player fails to complete the task, they lose the battle and the leader of the opposing tribe lives. The sandbox levels are made up of randomly generated maps, and have a large amount of room to expand the player's village and attack other villages. The maps are made up of hexagons, and the player builds their village to a central ship from which they attack the other villages. The villagers have a limited number of actions, with the exception of the farms, which are the center of the village. Each villager has a certain number of actions every turn, which can be increased by using farmland. All villagers can be used in combat. Villagers have some different actions depending on the type of villager they are. There are workers, who can




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Populous Pc Game Free Download chertale

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